• Breathing Lessons

    Given the task of redesigning the midlife crisis, perceived to be a pop-cultural phenomenon, and often characterized by men abandoning wives and looking ridiculous in pursuit of younger women, shattering marriages, and buying bright, fancy sports cars, our research uncovered that this phenomenon is real, ubiquitous, and gender neutral.  2 mental health professionals were interviewed, as well as several victims, both men and women deep in the throes, as well as two who considered themselves above the fray. Through this research the team developed a user segmentation that included Blingers, Swingers, and Wingers (those who focused their search on material, sexual, and spiritual experiences respectively.)  We also developed two key insights, “cliches abound about the midlife crisis and most of them are true” and “it’s hard to know what’s important until you’re running out of time.”  Inspired by these insights our antidote to the crisis, the “Midlife Funeral” is explored in this short film, Breathing Lessons.